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What is L2E? It's an abbreviation for Learn to Earn, meaning you receive rewards as you learn.
The Korean learning app 'GANADARA' is the world's first blockchain L2E Korean language learning app.

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👋 Hello,

eKYSS Logo
12 Years of Language Education

eKYSS is a leading Korean education content company that has been dedicated to language education for 12 years.

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Korea's First Subscription-based Language Learning App - MYPOOL

From English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, to Vietnamese and TOEIC

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GANADARA Focuses Solely on Korean Language Learning

New Hallyu Korean, Connecting the World. While English begins with ABCD, Korean starts with 가나다라.

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♻️ Sustainable

STEP 1. How to get NRP

Nurichain Ecosystem

① Watch Videos

Watch L2E compatible videos/commercial videos in the GANADARA app

② NRP Reward

NRP (Nuri Point) reward based on viewing time

③ Provide Learning

Tutor → provides GANADARA app's T2E videos or the learning process to the learners.

④ NRP Reward

NRP (Nuri Point) reward based on viewing time

⑤ NRC to NRP

Exchange NRP for NRC or NRC for NRP in the exchange place

⑥ Community Reward

Reward is given based on Nuri-Badge, Sejong PFP, Leader Board rankings, and Community Votes

STEP 2. How to use NRP

Nurichain Ecosystem

① Use NRP

Use learner-acquired NRP in the GANADARA app

② The Learning Certificate NFT

Exchange NRP obtained by L2E for the learning certificate

③ Use NRP

Use tutor-acquired NRP in the GANADARA app

④ Nuri Tutor License NFT

Obtain Nuri Tutor License

⑤ NRP to NRC

Exchange NRP for NRC or NRC for NRP in the exchange place

⑥ Community Activity

Use NRP to participate in community activities such as Nuri-Badge, Sejong PFP, Leader Board rankings, and Community Votes

Nurichain Ecosystem


2023 4Q

Nurichain white paper V1.0 finalized

Nurichain's official website launched

Nurichain's overseas community set up

GANADARA app mock-up finalized

2024 1Q

Nurichain's domestic community set up

Nurichain PFP writer's contest

GANADARA app beta version released

Nuri test beta in response to TOPIK

2024 2Q

GANADARA app officially released

Listed in global exchange

2024 4Q

Nurichain white paper V2.0 announced

Listed in Korean won currency exchange

Nuri test officially launched

Listed in Korean won currency exchange

2025 1Q

Event limited edition NFT is launched in commemoration of the launching of GANADARA's global community

Nuri tutor qualification test beta released

2025 3Q

Nurichain white paper V3.0 announced

Nuri test's official version released

Nuri tutor qualification test officially released

2025 4Q

Nuri-Badge design content initiated

Nuri-Badge launching with selected works

2026 2Q

1 million global learners achieved for GANADARA app

Number of global Nuri tutors surpassed 10,000 people

2026 4Q

Planning of Hangeul-using global Nuri village

NFT released for investments to Nuri village

2027 1Q

2 million global learners achieved for GANADARA app

Number of global Nuri tutors surpassed 20,000 people

2027 3Q

Nuri village site selected and construction started

2027 4Q

Nurichain white paper V4.0 announced



😁 Great

Team Member
Lee Hyunjun
Chairman of the board of directors

Representative director of eKYSS

Bachelor of Business Administration, Hanyang University

Graduate School of Journalism, Media and Communication, Yonsei University

Founded Warwick English Academy and Gunpo Global Education Center (GGC)

Founded 10 branch offices of Seoul Global Center (SGC) across the country

Affiliated professor of IAB at Department of Business Administration, Hanyang University

Team Member
Chun Yunny
Representative director

Representative director of GANADARA

Director of content department at eKYSS

Oklahoma City Univ. Master's degree in English education

TOEIC lecturer at PAGODA Academy

Affiliated professor of TOEIC at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Team Member
Han Jieun
General manager of external projects

Representative director of Real Age

Bachelor of Newspaper & Broadcasting at Yonsei University

Magazine editor at Sigongsa and Seoul Culture Publishers

Chief editor at KBS Journal and CHARMZONE

Team Member
David Hwang
Technology chief executive officer

Senior engineer at Google's headquarters

Bachelor of Materials Science and Engineering at Yonsei University and Master's degree at its graduate school

Samsung SDI engineer

Engineer at Apple's headquarters

Team Member
Choi Chungin
Consultant for overseas investments and listing

Senior lawyer at SHIN & KIM LLC. (in the fields of global investments and M&A)

Bachelor of Hispanic Language and Literature at Seoul National University, Georgetown Law School in the U.S

Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP

American lawyer at Kim & Chang law firm

Lawyer for M&A investment consultation at Yulchon LLC

Team Member
Kim Sunghoon
Tax consultation

Representative director of Samsung Tax Consulting (STC)

Member of international commission at National Tax Service

Member of board of supervisors at Seoul Association of Certified Public Tax Accountants

National Tax Collage

Working at National Tax Service (12 years)

Team Member
Yoon Seunghwan

Executive director at Hankook Technology

Bachelor of Business Administration, Hanyang University

Certified public account in the U.S. (AICPA)

Team Member
Kim Sungmin

Professor in Department of Sports Science at Hanyang University

Director of Artificial Muscle Center at Hanyang University

Human-Tech Convergence Education Business Group at BK Four

Received 2019 CES Innovation Award

Team Member
Cheon Sehoon

Representative director of CAPSTEC

Ph.D. in Management Information Systems at Hanyang University

MBA at Durham University Business School (majored in financial affairs)

Department head at British Telecom Global Service Korea

Deputy department head at Ericson Korea Operation

Team Member
Oh Jeongseok

Representative Director of Hannam Top Orthopedics

Adjunct professor of Orthopedics at Konkuk University

Member of the Korean Orthopedic Pain Society

Member of the Korean Society of Sports Medicine

Member of the Korean Orthopedic Association

Team Member
Lee Donghwan

CEO of the Occupational Stress Research Institute

CEO of LD Health Corporation

Honorary Chairman of the Korean Association of Chronic Fatigue

Team Member
Park Minchul

Vice-president of Department of Future Strategy at SK Hynix

Bachelor of Earth Resources and Environmental Engineering, Hanyang University

Semiconductor planning at Samsung Electronics

Team Member
Kim Jinguk

Representative Director of B&VIIT EYE CENTER Ophthalmology

Chairman of Korea Medical Tourism Promotion Association

Pioneered the first LASEK and presbyopia surgeries in Korea

Adjunct Professor in Ophthalmology at Dong-A University

Adjunct Professor in the Department of Ophthalmology at Yonsei University College of Medicine

Team Member
Kim Woohyun

Representative director of Dr. Kinvain

Chief executive officer of Zerone Cellvane Inc.

Public relations director at Korean Association of Dermatologic Laser Surgery

Finance director at Korean Association of Chronic Fatigue

Team Member
Kang Jeongho


Representative Director of MINISH Dental Hospital

Director of Today Dental Clinic